Septic Installation

My septic system is being installed as I type this.  Several truckloads of fill are on their way to the job site for the soil absorption system (SAS).  Dan hopes to have all the piping, distribution box, and tank installed today so the engineer can “bless” the installation.  Yesterday Phil from the board of health came by to see the soil at the bottom of the SAS.  Apparently he was happy with what he saw.

Here is the latest round of pics:

The house lot as viewed from the parking area. This access road will be replanted with trees when construction is finished.  For now I need to get dump trucks and concrete trucks to the site.

Walking up the access road this is where the house will be located.  The mound in the background is behind the SAS.

East side of the SAS area.

Looking west over the SAS.  The pile on the left is all the stumps and rocks from excavation.

This rock was so big even Dans big ass machine could not pick it up.  He dragged it to this location, hopefully he drags it somewhere else.

I’m going to leave work early to take pics of the system components before they get buried.  I’ll have some more septic system pics in the next post.

The next milestone on the horizon is the slab.  Dan said that he should be digging the hole for it on Saturday morning.  I may be able to get some grading done on Sunday.  Hopefully next Wed I can get my building permit which would allow me to start putting in forms.

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