Tiny house trim work…man am I tired!

A great weekend for tiny home building.  Had 2 perfect days of weather.  Weekend started off with a trip to Bingham Lumber for cabinet door materials.  They recently remodeled their showroom and lumberyard and all I can say is WOW!  If you need new or reclaimed lumber do check them out.

Heres the gallery for the week:

Next week is a 3 day weekend and I plan to finish the porch, rebuild my wood stove, and hopefully install it.  Stay tuned.

More Finish Work

Had three days this weekend to get stuff done.  It was a lot of work but I’m more than halfway thru the trim.

This weekend will be cabinet doors and laundry nook finishing.  I will also unpack my vanity and toilet so I can get ready for the plumber.  I also have a contractor lined up to install the driveway apron required by the DPW.

Looks like a September move in date is going to be possible!

Progress Report

Lots going on, been focusing on getting work done rather than blogging about it.  Here’s some pics of my progress in the last 2 weeks.