Final Plumbing

An awful day to be doing anything let alone plumbing my house.  Humidity, rain, and thunder were the order of the day.  The plumbers arrived on time and got right to work.  Overall, I think they did a very nice job on the final.  I didn’t care for them on the rough in but they were great on the final.

I picked up a bunch of traps and sink lines for them to use from Lowes.  They brought their own stuff which was as good or better than my stuff, so I told them to use their stuff.  Lowes accepted them back no questions asked.  I think the difference between big box parts and pro parts is getting bigger.

The plumbers were like 800 pound gorillas leaving dings, footprints, and smudges everywhere.   When you do your final, take precautions to protect any finished areas because they will get marked up since space is limited in a tiny house.  They tried their best to be careful but its tough sometimes.

By lunch time we had everything installed with a lot of condensation but no leaks!  As of this writing, I have cold water in my Bodega with hot water on the way next week when the gas company installs my tank.

Once the tank is installed, the plumbing inspector will come by with incense and rose petals to bless the work and sign off.

Wed night I met with the board of health (two guys in an old town office).  They looked at pics of the grass over my septic tank and signed my occupancy permit.   This weekend will be final touchup and the place will be ready for wood floors.


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