Garden Progress Report

This weekend the weather was awful.  I was not able to do any soil work but I did manage to remove my siltation fencing and finish the greenhouse.  Friday I received 24 yards of really nice compost from a local farm.

My strawberry plants, asparagus, and potato plants are in.  I have my fruit trees on order and should be here next week.  This week I really need to get the soil prep finished.  Crazy getting so much ready for planting season.

Garden project for my tiny house

Have been a little burned out blogging so I stopped for a short while. Its the end of winter here and not much has been going on anyway.  All that has changed now that most (not all) of the snow is gone.  I’m starting work on my garden this spring this is the first progress report.

I need an area to grow veggies, fruit trees, and berries.  I also need an area to start seedlings since my house does not get much sun.  The area in my pics is about 80×40.  I will be hauling in topsoil so I need to limit the area for veggies to what my budget will allow.

The greenhouse is built from construction scraps from my house build plus a fair number of 2×2 pressure treated boards.  The roof is Tuftex available at Lowes and the walls are a material called Solexx which is an insulated greenhouse material.

More pics in a week or so…