Garden progress

The garden is progressing nicely.  I was able to get an area 33x25ft cleaned up enough so that it is ready to plant.

This area was full of small trees and bushes which made preparation pretty tough.  In addition to having a ton of roots and sod to shake out and remove I had tons of rocks.  I would make a pass with the tiller and then follow it up with a 5 gallon bucket which would be full of rocks.  My tiller does a path 10 inches wide.  Thats about 40-50 buckets of rocks removed by hand!  Sadly there are more rocks in there.

With the beds de-rocked I added a generous layer of compost and tilled out some paths.  My tiller naturally pushes the dirt to each side so I could string a line and follow it with the tiller.  A flat bottomed shovel is used to scoop out anything left behind.

Strawberry Hill

There is an old telephone pole left behind with a mound of sand holding it up.  I took all the hay from my silt barriers and covered the mound with rotted hay.  This weekend I put a good layer of compost over the hay.  I will plant my strawberry plants on this mound and probably some grape vines that will use the fence as a trellis.

Whats left?

I have some asparagus and potato sitting in a box that need to be planted.  I need a permanent bed for the asparagus that is out of the way so I began preparing that with the tractor.  My potatoes will use some towers made from composite decking I have in my scrap pile (blog post to come).

This week I expect Stark Bros to ship out 10 fruit trees (apple, peach, cherry).  Next weekend will be tree planting!


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