BXpanded Piranha Toothbar Review

Today I am going to review the Piranha toothbar made by BXpanded.  From the factory, the Kubota BX25 comes with a typical smooth edged bucket which works great for moving piles of dirt, gravel, snow, or other material.

What the stock bucket is not very good at is digging.  If you have small trees or brush that need to be uprooted then the stock bucket works very poorly.  If you need to scrape topsoil from a trail in the woods that is intermingled with roots and rocks, again the stock bucket performs rather poorly.


I ordered my tooth bar from the BXpanded web site. for $229.  The tooth bar comes in a single very sturdy UPS box and is wrapped with shrink-wrap.  Contained in the box are some bolts, a marking template, and instructions.


To install the unit you will need a drill, center punch, and the correct sized wrenches.  You simply line up the toothbar on your bucket, mark the two holes on either side, center punch, and drill.

My bucket was well used, as a result had a slight bow to it.  I had to muscle the toothbar into position just a little bit to so I could mark my holes.  Otherwise the installation was pain free.



Once installed on my tractor I could not belive that I was using the same machine!  Prior to installation, uprooting a small diameter tree involved smashing it into the ground with the bucket hoping that the roots would come up enough so I could get under them.

With the toothbar all I had to do is insert the teeth about 12 inches or so away and drive till the tractor stopped and curl the bucket up.  At some point the roots become loose enough so you can drive forward again and push the tree to its final resting place roots and all.

Digging through root infested forest floor is substantially improved.  Rather than skip off the roots the teeth dig in and pull up the roots.  If you pull them up enough and drive forward the chisel teeth will cut thru the root so you can back up and dig for more.  Roots larger than about 1/2 inch will still require chopping or work with the backhoe to loosen up.

I also have a set of BXPanded pallet forks which work well with the tooth bar with one small detail.  The pallet forks only have a cutout in the outermost part of the tooth bar.  If you want to slide the forks closer together the back of the fork ends up resting on a chisel point.  This has not been an issue for me, but I thought it worth mentioning.


The Piranha tooth bar is worth every penny of its $229 price tag and then some.  It should be near the top of the list for every BX owner.