Stanley Fat Max Tools…Not That “Fat”

I am writing this post to warn my readers away from tools made by Stanley under the “Fat Max” brand.  These tools are marketed as professional grade tools and come with prices to match.

I have owned three Fat Max tools: 25′ Tape, chalk line, and hammer stapler and they are all now in the trash.

25′ Tape


This tape is nice and wide which allows it to reach a long distance away without bending.  The problem is that if you reach more than about 10 feet it will not roll itself up without help.  I threw this item across the bodega breaking the lock off in the process….its working perfectly as landscape filler.

Chalk Line


When I first started using this line I thought that the lines were coming out pretty light even full of chalk.  When I needed another line in red, I bought a Dewalt and guess what the lines were 2X darker.  Shortly after that, the reel mechanism kept jamming.  I unrolled all the line thinking it may be tangled internally, but it still kept jamming up.  This item spent the winter encased in ice next to the Bodega….it will join the tape in the landfill once the ice melts.

Hammer Stapler


This tool has pissed me off from day one!  It simply will not drive staples into anything reliability.  I thought the OSB that I was using was a bit hard and gave it the benefit of the doubt.  This weekend I needed it to tack building wrap to 2×4’s and it still did not work the way it should.  No problem…it will never again fail to drive another staple:


I don’t recommend any tools made by Stanley.  I have had good experience with tools made by Dewalt…I would try them.